Tendaguru Museum

Immersive Theater

Tendaguru Museum

2019, immersive theater, 40 min

Implementation of a virtual place between museum and nature. A second step towards a museum for the people of Tendaguru. A documentary virtual reality experience based on immersion of the place in a computer game.



A scene from the theatre performance in May 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

"Wenn man in der historischen Debatte der Wissenschaften das Niveau der diskursiven Praxis erforscht, will man sie nicht auf ein tiefes und ursprüngliches Niveau zurück führen, will man sie nicht auf den Boden gelebter Erfahrung zurückführen (auf diese Erde die sich vor jeder Geometrie unregelmäßig und zerrissen darbietet, auf diesen Himmel der durch den Raster aller Astronomie strahlt).“

Michel Foucault,
Archäologie des Wissens

In a VR Experience, the location of the museum is expanded, not as a concept, but rather as a Place, as a virtual place of contemplation and reflection. Based on the development of a new Computer game genre of the 'walking simulators' of recent years. In short, it is an adaptation of the popular first-person shooter genre without weapons and enemies and without quests. So the player's action will be reduced to a minimum, such as exploring the surroundings, or Viewing the landscape reduced. This absence of tasks demands a new quality of the player, observer, visitor. Getting involved with the experience, such as the pure Landscape observation. This is close to a visit to a museum. The visitor must have a certain willingness and inner constitution to take on the paintings of a gallery to let the sun work its magic. The central role that the place of the 'non-event' plays here is the Element that we would like to use - a place-making in virtual space. The result is an atmospherically dense virtual place mediated by the media. We want a place between scientific collections and an experience of nature itself.